November 8, 1978


HADDONFIELD – Firemen are still sifting through the charred remains of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital following the devastating explosion and subsequent fire that claimed the majority of the hospital’s South Wing in the early hours of Wednesday, November 1. Rescuers recovered Doctor Samuel Loomis from the wreckage, who is still in critical condition with third degree burns, while investigators within the Haddonfield police department continue to search for the body of Michael Myers, the alleged perpetrator of Halloween’s horrific slayings.

According to Laurie Strode, 17, a student at Haddonfield High School who was checked into the hospital due to wounds received hours earlier in the Haddonfield Halloween Massacre, Myers chased her throughout the hospital, threatening her life, before Loomis intervened and detonated the South Wing. “He was trying to help,” a dazed Strode told police. “He saved my life.” Lawsuits are already being filed against Loomis in connection with Wednesday morning’s bombing.

“Thank God no one else was in that wing,” a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department told reporters at a press conference following the disaster. “We’ve already lost enough people to this night.” And, while the search is still on for Myers’ body, city and state officials feel confident that a corpse will be found. “No doubt about it,” said Governor Mike Wooldridge as he came to survey the damage earlier in the week. “His body was probably just blown clear of the site, buried beneath some rubble.

We have every hope that we’ll find him by the end of the week. There’s no way he could have survived that. I think it’s safe to say he won’t be giving Haddonfield any more trouble.”

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