November 2, 1963


"The people of Haddonfield have expressed shock, outrage, horror"

Haddonfield, IL is a small town. The kind of small town where the people are friendly and no one gives much thought to the kind of crime that is all too commonplace in a city the size of Chicago. But on October 31, Haddonfield was shaken by the tremors of a very big crime, and it has led to even bigger concerns.

Donald and Edith Myers, two residents of Haddonfield, returned home to find their 6-year-old son in a state of shock, and their 15-year-old daughter Judith stabbed to death in her bedroom. It was the kind of unspeakable crime that Haddonfield residents had never had to face, and the entire community has been deeply affected.

Local authorities have, for the first time, urged the citizens of Haddonfield to lock their doors, a practice which most residents have never made a habit of. And at least until the killer is apprehended, the townsfolk are taking this warning very seriously.

As to the identity of the killer, the only lead authorities have is Judith Myers's boyfriend, Daniel Hodges, a senior at the local high school. It is known that he had spent the evening with Judith, and authorities suspect that he may have witnessed, or possibly perpetrated the crime.

The only other witness, 6-year-old Michael Myers, remains in shock. Sheriff's Department officials have stated that the boy was questioned "delicately," but that he did not respond to any of the questions put forth.

Though this kind of crime has become so common as to be overlooked in our fair city, the people of Haddonfield have expressed shock, outrage, horror, and tremendous sadness at the tragic death of one of their own. To them, it is still regarded as the kind of thing that should never happen, least of all to someone so young and innocent. There is a lesson to be learned from these people. Perhaps we should all pay attention.

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