1: Is this a continuation of the story in 'Rob Zombie's Halloween'?

A: No. These comics continue the original series of films that began with John Carpenter's classic 1978 film 'Halloween', acknowledged as one of horror cinema's genuine masterpieces. 2008 marks the 30th anniversary of the film, and we are proud to be part of the official celebration.

2: Do I need to have seen the films to understand these comics?

A: No. While there will be reference points to the films, the stories will all contain the relevant information so that you will be able to completely understand the comic books even if you have never seen a 'Halloween' movie before. In addition, we will be posting a 'Beginner's Guide To Halloween' very shortly.

3: What continuity do these comic books fall into?

A: Those who know the films will know that there are three continuities within the original series. 'Halloween III' was a standalone story, not related to the other films, and parts 4, 5 and 6 were written out of continuity by the seventh film, 'Halloween: H20'. Our comics are set within the universe begun by the original two films and continuedinto 'Halloween: H20' onwards.

4: Are these comics ongoing, or a limited series?

A: With the success of “Halloween: Nightdance”, more stories are indeed on their way. The next book coming out will be “Halloween: 30th Anniversary Special”, and as before, how the success of this determines what will come later. If you like what you’ve been reading, please spread the word.

5: Which characters from the films will appear in the comic books?

A: While Michael Myers was the only returning character in “Halloween: Nightdance”, the 30th Anniversary Special will see the return of Laurie Strode, and Dr. Sam Loomis.

6: When are these comics books available?

A: The 30th Anniversary Special will be released in August with a variety of covers for you to choose from. All of them showcasing incredible interpretations from artists such as Tom Mandrake , Brett Weldele, Tim Seeley, and Jeff Zornow. August will also see the release of the “Halloween:Nightdance” trade paperback.

7: Where can I get these comic books?

A: You can purchase these comic books from all good comic stores. To find the nearest comic store to yourself, use the following link - you simply enter in your zip or postal code and it will bring up your nearest stock list. In addition, most comic shops will allow you to reserve your copy in advance so you do not miss out, and there are many online stores which will ship directly to you. http://csls.diamondcomics.com/

8: Who is publishing these books?

A: Devil's Due Publishing will be releasing the Halloween Comics (link). Devil's Due has a well-established history with a successful handling of licensed properties, including the extremely popular 'G.I. Joe' line of books. Visit their website and add their myspace at the following links:

http://devilsdue.net/ and http://www.myspace.com/devilsdue

9: Are Trancas International Films (producers of the 'Halloween' series) involved in these books?

A: Yes. The storylines are developed with Trancas International Films participation and with direct involvement from the series producer, Malek Akkad.

10: I purchased the DVD 'Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror' and inside that was the comic book 'Halloween: Autopsis'. At the end of the comic, was an advertisement for a story called 'Sam' - did I miss it?

A: No, ‘Sam’ will be released in June of 2008, and it is not a comic book but rather an illustrated short story. It will feature the creative team of Stefan Hutchinson (writer) and Marcus Smith (illustrations) who worked together previously on “Halloween: Autopsis”. It will be released as a free download on www.halloweencomics.com, continuing the 30th birthday celebration of “Halloween”.

11: Who is working on these books?

A: The 30th Anniversary Special is written by Stefan Hutchinson (writer, director, and producer of the documentary “Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror, and writer of previous comic books “Halloween: Autopsis”, Halloween: One Good Scare”, and “Halloween:Nightdance”). It features five short stories inspired by characters, themes or events from the original film, and is beautifully illustrated by Daniel Zezelj, Jim Daly, Tim Seeley, Jeff Zornow, and Brett Weldele.

12: What will be on the website, and when will it open?

A: On www.halloweencomics.com you will find lots of original content pertaining to both the comic books, and the films. Stay tuned for updates and join the newsletter to be notified when they happen.

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